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Lorclon Ltd's management team have been involved in a vast array of Network Rail and LUL projects over the last fifteen years including some of the UK's most prestigious projects. We are known in the industry for our innovation and expertise to provide a cost effective product without comprising safety, quality or efficiency.

We recognise that working in harmony with the client on all aspects at all stages of the project can lead to all round satisfaction and long term relationships.

Our knowladge and experience of working in this environmentgives us a cutting edge in providing a high quality and efficient service delivered on time safely, every time at all the LUL and Network Rail rules and satisfying their documentary and procedural requirements.

Main Contractor: - Taylor Woodrow

Description :

We were engaged on the DLR 3 Car Enhancement project at Royal Victoria Station. This was the fifth station which we have been involved in with Taylor Woodrow Construction. The scheme involved platform extension on all DLR stations. We commenced work at Royal Victoria Station in mid February 2009. The site set up works included grading and levelling of ballast, construction of pedestrian walkways with Type1 material, installation of trackside hoardings during engineering hours. Enabling works such as construction of piling mats for the piling contractor was also part of our works.

We had two excavators and two dumpers in attendance to the pilers for the duration of their works. Once the piling was complete and the pile integrity verified our work on the construction of the pile caps began. This involved numerous hand dug slit trenches to verify no services were present in the areas to be excavated. Access to our work area was restricted due to the nature of the work and the close proximity of the tracks and this had to be considered as a serious hazard during the planning and construction process. All concrete pile caps and other concrete bases were waterproofed prior to back fill. Construction of fair-faced finished concrete supporting spine walls were cast on the pile caps.

These walls support the precast concrete units which were installed at a later date.

Works completed on time and to budget.

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